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I wasnt too much of a believer until my daughter at 3 1/2 years old came running to me about the very tall man with the wings at the top of the stairs and she was not ready to go back to heaven. I have learned alot about the spiritual world from my daughter. She is the starting point of my soul searching journey. At a very difficult time in my life, at exactly 2am every night for about 2 weeks..I would feel a presence sit down at the corner of my bed. Yes, the bed actually depressed. I didnt get a bad vibe, but i was definitly afraid because i couldnt see anything but i could feel my bed depress and the pressure in the room was different. One night i had a digital camera waiting and as soon as i felt it sit down...i went to snapping pictures in the dark. The first image caused me to jump out of bed and run in amazement to my mother. You can clearly see a facial side profile bent over as if he/she was trying to stand up from sitting on my bed...amazingly, there was a faint arch over the back (image was bent over) that resembled wings. That was my confirmation that everything was going to be ok as i had been praying to God to give me a sign. Since then, i never felt the angel sit on my bed again. I will always cherish that pic.


My experience with my spirit guide (one of them) was audible. I knew one guide was my grandmother whom i never got a chance to meet. I had been asking her to give me a sign she was around me. when i stopped looking, she showed up in the warmest way. I was waking up one morning...,just laying with my eyes closed not wanting to get up. Right in my ear, warm breath and all, i heard the sweetest voice clearly sing out...Good morning Keeshaaaa! I remember smiling with my eyes closed because it was such a warm embrace from that small greeting. I rolled over expecting to see someone there...and there was no one...I knew it was my grandma....She shows in some way when ever I call on her.


Last guide was Mark..I asked him to reveal himself in a dream and to help me to remember it when i woke up. That night at the very end of my dream, a handsome but odd looking man came through the mall doors in all white, with a black belt and a black Kango hat and black shades.  I say odd because he was short and excessively muscular and an over exaggerated small waist. I woke up and i knew it was him and showing up in that way, he knew i would notice him in the dream by having over exaggerated features. Other than that he was FINE AS HELL....


Any testimonies from yall?

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Wow! Your story is amazing! I have some stories, but most of them are my ancestors coming in my dreams, visions, and discernment. I have only had one encounter with Smokey so far, but I cannot wait to build a relationship with her.
Thats still awesome...How did you know they were ancestors? I had some hanging out everynight and it was over whelming for me. Those with 'gifts' has a light that is like a moth to a flame...I simply asked them to leave as they had no part in my life at this time....some used their gift in a negative way...but because of bloodline..they came from generations. I only want positive forces and the 'otherside' around me if they have to be. Nothing i could see, but i would feel them just chilling
Keesha, I am so grateful for you I know that I say that alot but those words just seem so insufficent next to my feelings for your kindness in so many ways. I have a story to share with the group in fact I have many but this was very miraclous. I was living in Reno at the time and had gone to visit my ex in San Jose, I have a eye disorder that renders no vision in the dark. I had my daughter with me at the time she must have been maybe 11 or 12 and we got caught in the mountains at nite. I couldn't see anything and I told her that she would have to drive, she bucked her eyes and said "Mom I can't drive" I told her I would give the gas she would have to steer. she was scared to death. All of a sudden I felt this tingle from the top of my head just slowly roll down in my body and I could see, it was amazing I had perfect vision she said Mom you're doing alright and I told her shhhh it's not me I don't know who it is but I could see. When we got down off the mountain I felt the tingle leave my body and I knew it was my angel guide "Nadasha" that was in my body and that helped us get out of the mountains and make it home safely. That was so amazing to me   and the graditude I feel for that moment words could never express. Please feel free to share your story let's give the attention and graditude for our guides and angels they truly deserve it.
That is AWESOME!!! To have your vision restored??? What?! That reminds me of my angel experience...this is when i really got into communicating with angels...diving in rush hour traffic high volume of traffic on freeway. I was in the fast lane and hit black ice. I remember the spinning and seeing the hwy sign 3xs as it was supposed to be behind me...not in front! I did three full spins across 4 lanes of traffic. I knew I was going to die I was headed head on to the side of the hwy with the guard rail into a steep embankment. I remember asking God to just make sure my daughter is taken care of...and i braced myself and closed my eyes.....Everything went SILENT. my music, the traffic, i didnt even hear my scream or my breathing. I felt a small bump and figured I was dead...I though...Dag... is this it? Death is this easy???. I slowly begin to open my eyes. once my eyes focused, all sounds came back. I was PERFECTLY parallel parked in the accident lane but facing the opposite direction of on coming traffic. I called the police 3xs...each time they said there were no previous reports of the accident. I looked in the rearview mirror as soon as I opened my eyes and there were no red stop lights on cars as i just flew across 4 lanes!!! You would think i would have hit someone or people would have slowed or stopped.,..NOTHING...it was like an angel lifted me and my car and just placed me there. HERO came and he said...are you going to go ahead and drive? I said HUH? Isnt my car totalled? He said...mam, all you have is a busted tail light...He had to stop ALL lanes of traffic just to get me in the right direction...Funny how he needed to stop all lanes and yet me getting there in the first place didnt manipulate traffic at all! He siimply said mam....God and His angels were on this one....there is NO WAY you cud have done what you did and survived....Since then....,I communicate with my angels ALL THE TIME...I also try to spread the word on educating about them....I just Love them!!!


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