About ViM New Media 3D Radio

We are a New Media 3D Broadcasting Network, Sight, Sound, Social interaction. we broadcasts LIVE 24/7 in various platforms, Awareness Music, Reality & Arts & Entertainment, Sports, Spirituality.

We feature original content produced by Independent Hosts and Channel owners. We teach how to Monetize content by turning a Multi Media Platform into a Broadcasting Business.

Our Mission

To provide advertisement for Small businesses in need of an affordable New Media platform

To Create a 24 hour Live interactive Social New Media Broadcasting Network based on niche programming


Our intention

To amass 1 Million interactive members to ViMRadio.com to give our radio host the audience that they need to promote their information and monetize their content.

Our Business Philosophy

The most successful industries are the ones that collaborate with people who are the best at what they do. They are the best because of their natural ability to do their job, they have a passion for what they do, with that formula, success is inevitable.

In business the bottom line is who you are will come through in your work. If you love what you do and you are good at it, people will come to know and trust your brand for what you display in your business.



New Media Industry

We live in an on demand era where people are in control of the content they watch. People could pick and choose what they watch and listen to on the Internet.

New Media is a growing industry, the most powerful platform on the planet. A canvas for Visionaries, a fast moving industry, ever changing. ViM New Media 3D Radio is Sight, Sound and Social Interaction. Traditional Media can not participate on this level. Neither Radio or Television have the capacity to do what New Media can.


ViM New Media 3D Radio encompasses all media platforms, We are showing passionate focused people how to use THIS platform to monetize their content. This is a business where we have ongoing training on all elements of business. ViMU offers training programs in Financing, Marketing, Publicity, Business, Law, New Media Broadcasting and Entertainment. At Visions in Motion University our collective knowledge is INFINITE we intend to use it to change the WORLD.

Our Strength

ViMRadio is designed to function similar to a traditional Mass Media Company with the exception that every show on the network is independently owned and operated. It's like if Oprah told all of her Host on the OWN Network, that they can run and produce their own show, AND receive all revenue generated, without directly sharing the profits with The OWN Network. That is what Visions in Motion Radio Does! We prepare host to run and operate their shows independent from ViMRadio. We give them an opportunity to take advantage of ViMRadio.com by hosting a 1 hour show on one of the various ViM platforms. This benefits ViMRadio because everyone is driving traffic to the same Location. It Benefits the host because they have access to all of the site members.

We work with people who are passionate about what they do, who have taken advantage of this so called recession and become Social Entrepreneurs. Our network of people believe in the power of a network. We move together to attain our individual goals, we recognize the value in our network.

Our Core Competency

We allow people to express themselves and deliver their content in the manner that they please. We teach them to do it in a professional way, that will satisfy the needs of potential advertisers and sponsors.

We have coined the term "Reality Radio we go where TV Can't." The World is seeking genuine content Reality TV is Fake. Visions in Motion New Media 3D Radio is filling that niche through our plethora of talented passionate, focused individuals who are experts at what they do.

The CEO of ViM New Media 3D Radio is a traditional media veteran of over 25 years in Music (Artist), Radio (Personality, Marketing Director) TV & Film (product placement specialist). Over 10 years of time and research has been invested to ensure the success of ViM New Media 3D Radio. Traditional Media has already given us the blueprint.

If you are interested in becoming a Independent New Media 3D Radio Host got to Become a Host



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Comment by Joseph Anthony on February 18, 2013 at 8:10am

Dear Kind Friends at ViM, this is Joseph Anthony, I recently was interviewed by Smokey about EFT and she sent me a link to the show, but it stops playing at 1:34...is there anything that can be done?  I'd love to share the interview on facebook and twitter, and my blog, but can't since it only plays the introduction song (which is really cool, by the way), but I'd love to have access to the whole thing.  Any suggestions? Thanks, and peace, Joseph

Comment by Dr. Gerald Higginbotham on March 13, 2011 at 5:50pm
OK- I have all ready read this. It's good.