ViM Hustle Money

Do you want to start your OWN Broadcasting Business?  Are You Financially Challenged or Monetarily disabled?
We have An Alternative Way To PAY for your 3D New Media Radio Training! If You have a passion for Broadcasting, we want to help you manifest your vision. Money or lack there of, is NO EXCUSE. Your Passion IS Your Purpose.

We understand that our nation is in a Recession however we INFINIONAIRES recognize the power and the value in people. As a member of many Social Networks I began to get frustrated watching how many of us promote other networks, watch them profit immensely, for example, Facebook (appraised by Goldman Sachs to be worth 50 Billion Dollars) We the users of these platforms THE PROMOTERS profit NOTHING. I wondered if I was the only one that felt dissed. I decided My Mass Media Network will show people their value by compensating them each time they refer someone to


Earn ViM Hustle Money By Referring other Members

 ViM Hustle Money is Credit Towards VIM Production, Products & Services that you could use to help develop your Broadcast Business

Each member on has a value of $1. For each person a member brings to they Receive $1 Worth of ViM Hustle Money which will help them pay for their training and their Marketing & Promotional services.


Invite your friends to To Start Earning Hustle Money Today!

Let us know when you are ready to redeem your Hustle Money.



ViM Hustle Money is not redeemable for Cash

ViM Hustle Money is not transferable (you can not give another member your Hustle money).

ViM Hustle Money Resets after 1 Year from when you join.


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Music Monday is Live every week From 4 - 9pm PST


Okay Ya'll it's on Tonight Music Monday start's Live at 4pm PST With Mikayla Love Lee she has a great ear for music You will be entertained by her selection of independent artist. The best Music that you Probably never heard. Join us in the chat Live.


5pm PST The Smokeadocious Music hour is on with your Host Ms. Smokey the Oracle Goddess Mother who plays what she likes, this is the time where she lets her hair down and you never know what your gonna get. She'll get chu all excited and then take you to Church, that's Smokey. 


Mari Torres AKA Sex Energy Goddess 13, Worlds 1st iNFiNiONAiRE & Orgone Alchemist Host a Live show Every Monday 6pm PST - 10pm PST

Ms. Smokey AKA, The Smokeadocious 1, The Oracle Goddess Mother Host a Live Music show every 1st Monday of the month at 5pm PST and on Wednesday's she does Free Readings on the Ask Smokey Show!

7pm PST Young Simba King Lion Host Sounds of Livity Were he shares music and his Views on life and being awake in 2013






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