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I Am Present NOW! (The Process)

When you know the greatness and the hard work that you put into something YOU KNOW that the turn around is gonna be DIVINE! But that PROCESS is a BIATCH!  I don't like the feeling of the PROCESS because it is very uncomfortable, I know its Necessary and without it I…


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Sex Energy Goddess 13 The MOVEMENT

It has been a couple of weeks now since I wrote about  Sex Goddess 13, the information that has come through in regards to this Movement is truly BEYOND ME! I want to share this Vision with the Goddesses that are ready to answer the call and do the work that we agreed to do here on this planet at THIS TIME.


Sex Goddess 13 is a Movement dedicated to assist women…


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A Great Super Hero is Always in Training!

Now that I am out I could see it better. There was a lot of dense energy in the atmosphere yesterday, I was feeling... BLAH, is the best way I could explain it. I have been away from my family for 8 days. I am on a sabbatical THAT I DIDN'T PLAN!  I am being prepared for what is next in my life. I spent all of this year Designing What I want my life to be and I made some pretty extravagant…


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Sex ENERGY Goddess 13

I suppose its time to blog about this now, it's been brewing in my head for a long time. I didn't know if I wanted to go there because all of my life I have had issues with my own sexuality, not that I questioned my preference, I just didn't understand my sexual power, I was embarrassed by it, ashamed of what I thought it meant.…


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Chronicles of an iNFiNiONAiRE (Good-bye Daily Show)

Time for a strategy change. We have been doing 3D Radio on this platform for 1 year. We hosted a live 2 hour show every single day a different theme everyday. Music Monday (Music), Tough Love Tuesday (honesty Self Development), Woosah Wednesday (spirituality), That's What it is Thursday (Business) and Freaky Friday (anything goes) we have a gazzillion hours worth of content, now its time to Market and Promote what we have and what we do here…


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Chronicles of an iNFiNiONAiRE (Purpose... I Found Mine)

YOUR PURPOSE in Life is to find YOURSELF! Your SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS Speaks to you continuously through your dreams, through signs, numbers, songs that you hear all the time. THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES! I know you have heard that many times before. Everything that happens to us is a direct reflection of our subconscious THOUGHTS. This is the Thought I woke up to Today "the Message" it led me to the Realization that I have truly found MY PURPOSE…


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SEG13 Sex Energy Transmutation & Transformation Course


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Okay Ya'll it's on Tonight Music Monday start's Live at 4pm PST With Mikayla Love Lee she has a great ear for music You will be entertained by her selection of independent artist. The best Music that you Probably never heard. Join us in the chat Live.


5pm PST The Smokeadocious Music hour is on with your Host Ms. Smokey the Oracle Goddess Mother who plays what she likes, this is the time where she lets her hair down and you never know what your gonna get. She'll get chu all excited and then take you to Church, that's Smokey. 


Mari Torres AKA Sex Energy Goddess 13, Worlds 1st iNFiNiONAiRE & Orgone Alchemist Host a Live show Every Monday 6pm PST - 10pm PST

Ms. Smokey AKA, The Smokeadocious 1, The Oracle Goddess Mother Host a Live Music show every 1st Monday of the month at 5pm PST and on Wednesday's she does Free Readings on the Ask Smokey Show!

7pm PST Young Simba King Lion Host Sounds of Livity Were he shares music and his Views on life and being awake in 2013






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