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Wordplay Wednesday - March Update

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Holy Hip-Hop

Different strokes for different folks right...that's what I say too. What's your flavor, does it change, on the regular, or is it consistent? I'm ole skool...yep, yep. If I liked it in the past, you can bank on the likeliness of me liking it today. I do try to keep my options…


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HIP-HOP Maturity


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DMV Artist or Artist that might pass thru on any Wed.

If you are a self contained artist (poet, comic, vocalist, instrumentalist) from the DMV and you would like to broaden your audience base send me a pvt. msg. (NOT LIKE THIS ONE), so that I can set something up for you. I'll explain more when you contact me. COB 2/28/2010

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Dr. King & Your Journey

I hope you have enjoyed your day off in recognition of Martin Luther King Day. Like most holidays, we should remember the reason for the season. We have to remember what Dr. King stood for. It's not just some old fashion way of thinking. He wanted to make a difference for his people and for all people.

MLK day isn't just about a day off, it's about the sacrifice that was needed, and the sacrifice that made a difference in the civil rights era. (whether it was Rosa Parks and the bus… Continue

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The 2010 Hook Up (Excerpt) pt2

My brothers and sisters of all colors, sizes, languages, and ages. Please stop looking for the hook up. Don't expect President Obama, or anybody else to just give you anything. If it's offered, fine! If it's owed, fine! But don't stand around waiting on it! you are talented, you are educated, and you are able to fend for yourself or use what the world has (technology) to raise your voice and at least try to make a difference.

If you are afraid to raise your own voice, then jump on the… Continue

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The 2010 Hook Up (Excerpt) pt1

We have to understand that we only get one chance to make a difference with this life we live. Expecting someone to give us something is not going to cut it. We have been beaten, cheated, mistreated, looked over, hung, locked up, stepped over, stepped on and abused far too long. Yet that does not gives us a pass, free ride, or a get out of jail free card.

I am African American and obviously have been all my life and if I could turn back the hands of time to right some wrongs I would.… Continue

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The Reason 4...

Give love on Christmas day and remember it's ok to love yourself. I'm not talking about selfishly, but completely. Love yourself in a wholesome manner. You have a soul and a spirit, it's important to feed yourself with a spirit of true love.

We're supposed to always love and give, but above all else this is the the season for giving and sharing, but most importantly never forget the true reason for the season. It's all about the Believing, not just in God but because of God and what… Continue

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Sir Charles Interview about FREE giveaways this Christmas

Sir Charles Cary on the Diana Broomfield show tonite at 7:30 pm listen in and share your comments. Find out how you can get Free prodcuts and get books and CD's at 50% off.

At the bottom of the page is a link to the chat box (lower right hand can almost miss it)

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Sir Charles is back at it again...make sure you stop by to hear / download the Holiday CD..."Cary's Holiday", you can email us for a softcopy at:
finally for a hard copy...Go to the official website

Bless you all for your support over the years! This is a thank you from us to you!

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SEG13 Sex Energy Transmutation & Transformation Course


Music Monday is Live every week From 4 - 9pm PST


Okay Ya'll it's on Tonight Music Monday start's Live at 4pm PST With Mikayla Love Lee she has a great ear for music You will be entertained by her selection of independent artist. The best Music that you Probably never heard. Join us in the chat Live.


5pm PST The Smokeadocious Music hour is on with your Host Ms. Smokey the Oracle Goddess Mother who plays what she likes, this is the time where she lets her hair down and you never know what your gonna get. She'll get chu all excited and then take you to Church, that's Smokey. 


Mari Torres AKA Sex Energy Goddess 13, Worlds 1st iNFiNiONAiRE & Orgone Alchemist Host a Live show Every Monday 6pm PST - 10pm PST

Ms. Smokey AKA, The Smokeadocious 1, The Oracle Goddess Mother Host a Live Music show every 1st Monday of the month at 5pm PST and on Wednesday's she does Free Readings on the Ask Smokey Show!

7pm PST Young Simba King Lion Host Sounds of Livity Were he shares music and his Views on life and being awake in 2013






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