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The Part of Autism that I don't Talk ABout

     It's 12:26am Me and Smokey just came back from the Corner Bar where they had Karaoke, which is just what I needed to transform this Energy i'm Feeling from My 21 year old autistic Son Hitting me... Again. When he hits me it is extremely difficult not to go into survival mode, this is my Son... I am Physically Fighting My Son, I can't begin to tell you the pain that I feel, this has affected my family his whole Entire life. November 2013 He Hit his Father, we were at the dinner table, I…


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ViM "Life is Art" Orgone Energy Informational & Exhibition


On January 23, 2014 We got Evicted from our home for the Second time in 4 years. When it first happened I felt like like I was kicked in the Gut so hard, I couldn't believe what was happening AGAIN, this times it was different than the 1st time in happened in 2011 we knew that the people that were warning us of eviction had not right to do what they did, so this was very unexpected but it was happening so I had to flow in that moment.  I guess the first time it happened was in…


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The Challenges Persist in 2014 (Securing the Supa Naga Lair)

I have been talking about how 2014 is definitely gonna come with its Challenges I have been preparing all of 2013 so I'm Ready, that's what I have been saying i'm feeling Good, Today is a Great Day Energy vibing Super HIGH I am on the phone talking to a beautiful Soul and Lucas comes in with the Mail the first thing I noticed was my 13 Parasite Cleanse that made me happy, then I see a Letter from the Sherrif so im like ok here we go. All This time i am knowing that I have time to get my…


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Mind Programs in Music

I studied music all my life there are so many different levels to what exist in music if really has become a life long study I recognize how music relates to our mind body & Spirit. 

The Definition of Music an art of sound …


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I Can't Relate to You NO MORE!

Everything I do everything I think about is Self Mastery, every time I speak of who I AM i get the challenge to Prove it! My life is manifesting just as i FEEL it. The things I give attention to Multiply I ONLY GIVE ATTENTION TO THE THINGS THAT SERVE MY HIGHEST GOOD! That's why I know that the things that feel bad are only to EXPAND Me, I am quickly redirected through it. How will I know what Fire feels like if I don't touch the Flame?

My Self Mastery has taken me deep, I am studying…


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I AM Mari Torres Hashem El Bey

Self Mastery went a whole different level when I started studying the history of My Copper Colored Skin. I grew up knowing that i was Puerto Rican my Mother is from Caguas and my Father from Arroyo 2 different parts of the island, My mom is from the light skinned part and my Dad from the Dark. I experienced all of the stereotypes & discrimination that comes with dark skin and nappy hair within my own Caribbean culture. Color issues exist in all cultures through out the world. How many…


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Claiming My Rights & Nationality

My life has brought me to yet another place that I need to explore and expand, My Natural Rights as a Soul Being as a Moor. For a long time in my life I would think about how Jacked up it was that people are born into Jacked up ass circumstances with very little opportunity, dependent on hand outs from the government and other institutions in their favor  that keep people STILL in the lowest vibratory state possible. I always felt that there had to be something else I didn't get why there…


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I Am Present NOW! (The Process)

When you know the greatness and the hard work that you put into something YOU KNOW that the turn around is gonna be DIVINE! But that PROCESS is a BIATCH!  I don't like the feeling of the PROCESS because it is very uncomfortable, I know its Necessary and without it I…


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Sex Energy Goddess-God 13

Everything is happening so fast, the clarity in the process is OMazing. After I started the Sex Goddess 13 Movement I began to get a frequency that was becoming a bit challenging for me to deal with, people assuming that this movement is about a group of Hot…


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Sex Energy Goddess 13 The MOVEMENT

It has been a couple of weeks now since I wrote about  Sex Goddess 13, the information that has come through in regards to this Movement is truly BEYOND ME! I want to share this Vision with the Goddesses that are ready to answer the call and do the work that we agreed to do here on this planet at THIS TIME.


Sex Goddess 13 is a Movement dedicated to assist women…


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A Great Super Hero is Always in Training!

Now that I am out I could see it better. There was a lot of dense energy in the atmosphere yesterday, I was feeling... BLAH, is the best way I could explain it. I have been away from my family for 8 days. I am on a sabbatical THAT I DIDN'T PLAN!  I am being prepared for what is next in my life. I spent all of this year Designing What I want my life to be and I made some pretty extravagant…


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I Was a Sacred Prostitute

I have been wanting to learn more about my past lives, I have been asking for this information. I was planning on getting a reading to get my Natal chart to gain access. What I am learning is that EVERYTHING we ask for is given in fact everything we are ViBRATING is GIVEN! 

Yesterday I was talking to a friend that read my blog …


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Sex ENERGY Goddess 13

I suppose its time to blog about this now, it's been brewing in my head for a long time. I didn't know if I wanted to go there because all of my life I have had issues with my own sexuality, not that I questioned my preference, I just didn't understand my sexual power, I was embarrassed by it, ashamed of what I thought it meant.…


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I just Got Back From Hell!

 Yesterday I spent the day in HELL, I got myself there and I Took Myself OUT! 

I am going through the biggest transition of my LIFE, The Dynamics of my family structure have changed, I am moving out, my business is growing. Let me go back to the word CHANGE because as I write this the word CHANGE is what snaps at me. My life is changing and…


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Being Human

Being Human is a Tremendous cross to bear but I chose to be here we all have. There are so many emotions flooding around me right now, I could barely contain myself but I have to get this out. The year of Realization is REAL everything from the root of our soul is coming out to face us, Every Fear, hurt, every insecurity knocks us upside the head EVERYDAY. It doesn't matter who you are how much money you have or don't have, it doesn't matter…


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I Broke up with Social Media

For the past few months my life has been changing tremendously. I am not the same person I was LAST WEEK, let alone last year. I have come to a clear understanding of who I am as a Being. I am, to say the words "I AM" reminds me, that I am here.  For the first time in my life the only thing that matters is, that I AM HERE That means that I AM Supposed to be here. I have purpose because I EXIST and that means something, it doesn't have to mean…


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Faith Tour L.O.V.E Workshops

In my last entry I talked about The L.O.V.E Campaign, since then, this MOVEMENT has grown exponentially. We are in motion living in the knowing that what we create in our minds we manifest in our lives. We want to share not only the knowledge but the skills and tools that are naturally available to create success through Self LOVE, Living Our Visions Enlightened. The Faith Tour L.O.V.E Workshops are about creativity, Mind, body, Soul & Spirit.

We discovered a natural…


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Chronicles of an iNFiNiONAiRE (The L.O.V.E Campaign)

We Are doing a LOVE Campaign it was inspired by the Kony 2012 Campaign that got over 32 million supporters in Less than ONE day. I realize more than ever that I am a part of a TREMENDOUS CHANGE! Everything around me points to the tipping point of ULTIMATE FEAR when I Read this post that my husband put…


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Chronicles of an iNFiNiONAiRE (Choosing to feel Good)

The Vibration of Who your are Dictates WHERE you are. if the goal is to feel good all of the time, You have to make that choice ALL OF THE TIME. Things that make you feel bad are the things that challenge you they get you out of your cocoon and on the the next level. Every experience…


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Chronicles of an iNFiNiONAiRE (The Process of Change)

Today I am getting myself organized into a routine of sorts. There are so many things I am thinking about now I am paying attention to everything that is going on. God is amazing when we allow ourselves to be led by the God in us we find that it is an easier path to walk. The ease comes from knowing that everything that unfolds is for your good. I look at where I am today and I can't say that I had any idea that this is where I would be. I…


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