Chronicles of an iNFiNiONAiRE (Choosing to feel Good)

The Vibration of Who your are Dictates WHERE you are. if the goal is to feel good all of the time, You have to make that choice ALL OF THE TIME. Things that make you feel bad are the things that challenge you they get you out of your cocoon and on the the next level. Every experience leaves behind clues for you to figure out who the Sam Hail YOU are.

This was the message that I got last night while I was sitting outside in front of the Fire pot, it's like the flames were talking to me. My husband and I got into a disagreement and the emotion of what I was feeling took me to a place that forced me to look at Where I was. I have a lot going on in my life right now as does the rest of the world. When we are in the midst of change everything that is added into the equation is a load. One WORD could be the straw that breaks the camels back, it doesn't even matter what the word is, it is the Weight, the emotion that it carries. We allow the emotion to spiral out of control and take us to a deeper place Where its all jumbled up together and we forget why or how we got there we just know that we can't get out, we don't know how. 

Although it seems like the world is going crazy and things are getting out of hand, we are moving in a direction of SIMPLICITY. The world is an ongoing vibration of various energies and multiple dimensions. The Law of attraction is in effect always, it is what truly segregates the world. The Universe has NO Language, NO Words, ALL MATTER IS VIBRATION!  

WORDS disguise Vibration in many ways. We use words to communicate how we feel, what we think, who we are. WORDS have been misused, misunderstood, misdirected, manipulated to the point that our senses are more alert because we know that the words that come out of a persons mouth can not be trusted but their ACTIONS ALWAYS tell the TRUTH. NOW our emotional senses and our intuition is heightened so that we can discern the information that we are given through our emotional guidance system which is linked to our consciousness which is linked to GOD. This is all in preparation of the Shift that is happening in the world. No matter how beautiful the words are and the way they are put together Words are used to EVOKE EMOTION the essence of the word comes from its master, its user, in other words; I can say the words I love you, the emotion of that statement comes from ME, if I DON'T Truly Love you When you hear those words from me you won't feel anything. A persons vibration is stronger than their words. We are at a time where we are experiencing a time were people are separating themselves through the vibration that they are keeping. Look around you I am sure that your life matches the vibration that you are emitting.

Our job through this shift is to Live in LOVE Focus on the things that matter to us. IT is TIME to Find the things that make us feel good. The Challenges Won't stop, your perception of those challenges determine how you handle them. Our emotions remind us that we are human. we should not be ashamed to exhibit our emotions. Use them to guide us to where we want to be, feel your way to good! An emotional outburst is our body's way of telling us that we are out of alignment. its is important not to stay in the emotion we should acknowledge and identify it, be clear on why its there so that you can release it with a sense of understanding and clarity this way you can move on to the next perfect moment of your life.

There are so many people who take pride in striving for perfection but knowing that they could never be perfect. There are some who believe that the only Perfect Man was Jesus and can't none of us be Jesus... right? Perfection is defined by perception. Now that i understand that my life unfolds in the direction that I guide it to through the power of my choices, intentions, actions and reactions. I can live my life in Peace knowing that I am Perfectly Human, That's My Word.

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Your Welcome JRob!

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