Chronicles of an iNFiNiONAiRE (Good-bye Daily Show)

Time for a strategy change. We have been doing 3D Radio on this platform for 1 year. We hosted a live 2 hour show every single day a different theme everyday. Music Monday (Music), Tough Love Tuesday (honesty Self Development), Woosah Wednesday (spirituality), That's What it is Thursday (Business) and Freaky Friday (anything goes) we have a gazzillion hours worth of content, now its time to Market and Promote what we have and what we do here at ViM3DRadio.

2011 was a year to experiment and formulate the plan, tweek it! NOW it's time to show the world what we are talking about. We appreciate the people that supported us through this beta phase we made attempts to include other people on this platform. The Vision is to allow other content creators to share this space however what I learned is that Everyone has a different vision and 99.9% of people are moved by money. The depression that we are experiencing has made people more desperate more fearful and unfortunately more dependent on a system that was not created for us to succeed in. I learned that everyone is not willing to sacrifice personal comfort for a Dream, I learned to release any expectation I have of people  I also learned that as long as I have Focus, Passion, Dedication & Discipline I can't loose so we are moving on to the next phase of this Plan.

2012 has brought a lot of changes to my life so far I am now living in Fontana, Ca to help out my Husbands father who had a stroke and was left paralized on the right side. This was a change that none of us expected but we all understand that this is how it has to be, no matter what it looks like on the surface, what we are experiencing is necessary for our growth and our GOOD. I am mindful of the blessing in every situation and trust that my plans are in motion. I have projected my desires through my thoughts and actions with undeniable clarity and so I Trust that God is Driving me in the direction that I must take to REALIZE my Vision.

These are the challenging times, when we are in the moment of Change, I know its good for me but it feels uncomfortable, I know its necessary, I still don't LIKE IT but I know that there is no way around this moment so I make the CHOICE to LIVE in this moment, with my eyes Wide open, I don't want to miss a single lesson or blessing.

My intention has always been to share the experience of my journey through the live show but I have decided OR, I feel more comfortable saying that it has been decided that I will WRITE! This expression can't be compared to anything else. When I am on camera I am aware that the intention is for people to watch so in that sense I am ON, mindful of my future viewers. When I write It is a very intimate experience, I am alone in this moment allowing my thoughts to flow without the fear of what an outside source might think. I don't worry about dead air or how my hair and make up look. Most of all I am Writing because I don't want anything in my life to be left for someone else to interpret or decipher.  I Really do believe in the impossible and I want to share every bit of this journey no bells no whistles just the truth of how this legacy is being built. I know this is a bold move, I am writing my life as it happens with the knowing that the outcome is REMARKABLE and FANTASTIC. I used to use social media to connect with other people, now, I use it as a source of recording the development of my life and business.

I have no physical money I have an iNFiNiON in Value but who cares about that right?I know that No ONE will ever be as interested in my life as ME so who better to write the story of my life than ME. I thought this would be a great concept too because anyone who has a comment or a question can interject at anytime. There is no excuse for anyone who has dreamed about writing or publishing a book to not make it happen.

I don't use facebook on a personal level, I just post alerts and I reach out to people who I want to connect with, I don't believe in giving my content away for others to profit without cutting me into the deal. I use to update all of the social networks that I participate in I spend the majority of my online time on my own, with that said, if your are really interested in getting to know me this is always the best place to find me, I respond to every note and message sent.

I will be doing a live show 2 times a week, That's My Word Faith Tour show where the Solution and I will update you on all of the happenings of our life and business on our Marketing and Promotional Tour in Southern and Norther California, and 1 live Q&A at Visions in Motion University Where I answer questions about 3D Radio & New Media Broadcasting I will also be conducting monthly training workshops for those of you who want to be 3 Dimensional Radio Supa Staras! and build your own empires.

This Blog will be very straight forward and honest, I can not separate my life in compartments to please others, the truth is digital, I can't hide who I am from God or myself so why would I try to hide it from you. I hope that my experience helps you in some way. My desire is that everyone who read this recognize that they are iNFiNiONAiRES!

INFINIONAIRE A Person who is not concerned with Money yet attracts WEALTH endlessly throught the process of living on Purpose through their passion.

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Comment by Mahri AKA SEG13 iNFiNiONAiRE on February 8, 2012 at 9:11pm

Thank you so much Norman, We are just taking a little break we when we come back its going to be DIVINE! I love you too Norman.

Comment by NORMAN ROSS on February 5, 2012 at 9:21pm

Hello!!! Mari my friend, I wish you well with whatever you do and how you do it, you are The Greatest my sister and I love you always. We are living our dreams, Keep The Dreams Alive My Friend, always do you my friend. Mari, I wish you and your family all The Love, Peace & Blessings life will bring to you all. Take Care my sister, my buddy. I love you my VIM family always. Peace!!!.

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