Self Mastery went a whole different level when I started studying the history of My Copper Colored Skin. I grew up knowing that i was Puerto Rican my Mother is from Caguas and my Father from Arroyo 2 different parts of the island, My mom is from the light skinned part and my Dad from the Dark. I experienced all of the stereotypes & discrimination that comes with dark skin and nappy hair within my own Caribbean culture. Color issues exist in all cultures through out the world. How many dark skinned people do you notice in Spanish television? That was something that always bothered me. You grow up your whole life being fed that Brown people are just BAD there had to be something behind all of that hate, why are Brown people the most feared, hated, oppressed? after 43 years of life I finally know what is behind it all... TRUTH!

There are people that know the truth about Copper colored people They know that we were the very first ones on the planet that everything on this planet has come from us the Copper colored people, The Moors. A group of people conspired to keep the truth hidden from us, they did it by destroying artifacts, archaeological studies that prove our existence in ancient times as Royalty. The things they couldn't destroy they just lied about it. changed the story, published writers that supported their lies. created Fake ass history and taught it to our mothers and fathers who taught it to us and well ya'll know how it goes.

In 2013 I learned that Moors existed in ALL OF THE LAND North America, South America, Central America including the Adjoining islands (Americana / Ameru / Al Moroc ) and Puerto Rico which was originally known as Boriquen inhabited by the Taino Tribe, Caribbean Moors. When I learned this information It felt so good to confirm what I knew in my soul all along, I am so much more that what they said I was, I am s much more than what I see. The deeper I went into the information the more it made me comprehend about the world. One thought stuck in my mind "The Last Shall be first, Lost primeros seran ultimos" That was one of the things that stuck to me from the Bible. Uncovering the truth about who I AM, made that resound in my mind. 

I Mari Torres Hashem El Bey  am a Noble of the Al Moroccan Empire, I AM a Descendant of the Ancient Moabites / Moors, by Birthright, Freehold, Primogeniture and Inheritance; being Aboriginal and Indigenous to the Land. There are artifacts, literature, history to prove these FACTS. Slavery is not the only record of my people. This knowledge has freed me from the invisible bars in my mind of inadequacy and limitation. I know who I AM and I know why THEY didn't tell me, I know why they wanted me to believe that I was something outside of who I AM. THEY is anyone living outside the frequency of LOVE who are here to oppress. 

I am an UNFUCKABLE SUPA NAGA GODDESS 13 who has come to this planet at this time to RECLAIM what is irrevocably MINE! I AM Duty -bound to recognize and to support  the Great Seal Sovereign Moorish Government and Nation of the Natural People and command the enforcement of our Constitution.

My life is forever changed, for the first time in my whole life, I feel empowered in a way that I never imagined I could in this Flesh. I learned about the constitution and Universal Law. I know that I came here to find out who I am and how I could be of service to Most High. This path is taking me into a direction that I never saw coming but I am so happy I am here.

I am in the process of fighting an Unlawful Detainer, EVICTION Im going through this for the 2nd time but this time I KNOW WHO I AM I know my Rights. I am inspired everyday to learn more, Claiming my Nationality has given me access to all of the information I need, to help me navigate through this sea of Fraud that has existed since the beginning of time against all people. I am grateful for the experiences that lead me to a greater inner-standing of my purpose.

I will be making videos of this process as a record for those who may be on the same path and to document the Success of my cases. I intend to make right all of the wrongs against me and my family in the Name of MOST HIGH and So it is! 13 Love ASE NAMASTE!

Mari Torres Hashem El Bey

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Comment by Paul Koyanga Masamo on December 4, 2013 at 12:05pm

Ace..peace and love

Comment by Mahri AKA SEG13 iNFiNiONAiRE on December 4, 2013 at 11:33am

Your very Welcome Goddess thank you for checking it out I am happy you connected with it

Comment by MelanatedBeauty on December 3, 2013 at 4:50pm

Oh my goddess...this really speaks to me being panamanian...I love this! Thank you! 

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