My brothers and sisters of all colors, sizes, languages, and ages. Please stop looking for the hook up. Don't expect President Obama, or anybody else to just give you anything. If it's offered, fine! If it's owed, fine! But don't stand around waiting on it! you are talented, you are educated, and you are able to fend for yourself or use what the world has (technology) to raise your voice and at least try to make a difference.
If you are afraid to raise your own voice, then jump on the bandwagon and support someone that is saying the things you agree with, or saying what you believe. Support them because of the commonality you share. You don't have to give blood or draw blood just know that you are doing the dang thing because you care and it matters.

Too often tradition gets in the way and tradition has become so expected in today's time. My man's going to look out, my partner got my back, my boy got me, my girl knows what time it is, my peeps are on it! WE HAVE GOT TO GET ON IT...NOT ANYBODY ELSE! And we can only we bring people along with us that is real, and about taking some type of action.

You don't need any dead weight, that will drain you of not only your energy, but it will drain you of your purpose! Sort out those who want a free ride, and those that are just standing around to see what you'll do. Remember "Misery loves company, and misery hates to lose company."

Wanting something without any effort has enslaved you to excepting substandard everything (wages, political power, etc.), but still expecting more, and more (of course without effort). There is a power in knowing that you started at zero and now you have 50% of what it takes, and the next step can be 55 or 60%, until you reach that final goal where completion can sometimes even seem to surpass the marker of 100%.

The feeling of accomplishment is not a hook up, but a decision to get over the hang up. The hang up of not having, the hang up of waiting for someone else, the hang up of needing approval from peers and family. Many times family and friends won't understand until you begin without them and once you've started or even arrived, they still may not get it.

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