The More You get to know me The More you might DisLike me

I have been on the Internet for 10 years. I have learned that the TRUTH is DIGITAL. The things you know about people will expand as you enter the world of social media. There was a time when a person would only let their hair down in the comfort of their own home behind closed doors. NOW our comfort is behind a computer screen hanging out on Social Network sites. Not TALKING, texting & tweeting, Liking and Poking. The More time I spend on Social Media the more I realize that I DON'T LIKE PEOPLE as much as I used to. Being ignorant to a persons personal thoughts and ideas is not such a bad thing. Social media makes it like in that movie "What Women Want" when Mel Gibson could hear what the women where thinking. I realize that the more You get to know people The More you may dislike them.


Before the digital Social Media Revolution, we had friends and family that we would hang out with, when we choose to spend time and then back to our own worlds when its over. NOW! All of your friends and family are on your social networks so everytime they are Angry, Sleepy, Upset, Sad, Horny, Mad, Depressed, Pissed, Happy, Inspired, motivated, or Lonely You get to read about it. You are experiencing and all of your "Friends" lives through a timeline, most of it is too much information for me. I don't want to know all of the details of my friends and Family members. The World is digital now, Everyones' information is accessible, there is NO HIDING anymore. Who we are comes through loud and clear. The Internet Magnifies that by a thousand. 


That's what it has to be now because The WORLD IS WATCHING, I Can't pretend to be one thing on one platform and something else on another. We're all in the same Relm NOT all in the same SPACE. Every Individual provides a different perspective and Experience,  AT Some point We as people have to respect that. 



When you get rid of all of the, small talk, pleasantries & Politics you get to the core of who a person really is. I am down to My CORE, I don't hide from Man cause, I CAN'T HIDE FROM GOD! The More You know me the more TRUTH you will find. Maybe that Truth YOU Find, is YOUR OWN maybe you like it... Maybe you don't.



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